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Skin Health starts with our expert therapists and customized skin treatments by using Dermalogica products,

the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide!



Root One Signature Treatment - $60

Our signature skin care treatment begins with an analysis of the skin followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal

smooth glowing skin. A face, neck, and shoulder massage to ease your mind and spirit, while a light massage to

the hands will emphasize relaxation. A masque followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer will hydrate, protect, and

help restore the balance of your skin.


Anti-Aging Treatment - $90

The latest in vitamin repair and hydroxyl acid exfoliation! Designed to treat damaged skin, this treatment

includes non-irritating vitamin power exfoliation and a vitamin recovery masque to noticeably improve skin

elasticity, tone, and texture.


Skin Brightening Treatment - $80

Help stop uneven pigment caused by the elements! When combined with proper at-home-care, this treatment

regulates pigment production on a cellular level.


Sensitive Skin Treatment - $70

Even the most environmentally-sensitive client will benefit from this incredibly soothing, skin-protecting

treatment that reduces redness and inflammation.


Ultrasonic Skincare Treatment - $90

This facial will help stimulate new collagen and drive active ingredients ino the skin with ultrasonic ultra sound

waves. A gentle, non-invasive safe treatment that is suitable for all skin types.






Men's Skincare Treatment - $50

Specifically designed for men whose concerns include shaving, in-grown hairs, and other skin problems. Deep

cleansing followed by a smoothing exfoliation and extraction.


Purifying Back Treatment - $70

Designed for your back's most stressed out spot! Relax with a deep cleansing scrub followed by extractions

and an aromatherapy masque.


Teen Skincare Treatment - $50

The first step to healthy skin! Tailored to the needs of adolescent skin, this treatment combines deep cleansing

and gentl extraction finishing with a masque to restore balance of your skin.



These cost-effective, 20 minute treatments are ideal for targeting pressing skin issues between our 60-minute,

full-service Root One Signature Treatment.








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